THE LOGISTICAL NINJAS - A Photo Reflection of the Many Adventures of PINE 5

I’ve been working on this piece for three days, just in time for our one year graduation anniversary (June 13, 2013).

Anonymous said: Are there workout facilities on the Vinton campus? And do we have time to work out when on spikes for months at a time?

Of course (to both questions).

Anonymous said: What advice would you give to future FEMA Corps team leaders? For example, what difficulties should we expect? What works and what does not? What do you wish you could have done differently?

I wasn’t a team leader, however, I sent your question to a former FEMA Corps team leader who responded with the following:

If you are interested in becoming a FEMA Corps team leader I highly recommend that you are interested in a career within emergency management. I think of FEMA Corps as more of a fabulous internship opportunity with the bonus of knowing it is community service.

Being a FEMA Corps TL is quite difficult. In its first year, my team was under the impression that we would be doing hands on disaster relief…which was not the case. You must know that this is not the case with FEMA Corps and that at least 90% of your service will be in an office environment. The difficulty was getting over that we committed to a year of service feeling lied to about the type of work we would be performing. So I would only recommend that you are always ready to be flexible with changes that will constantly come your way. Constantly.

I am happy that FEMA Corps is finally starting to be advertised correctly (for the most part) because it is a great opportunity to advance your career. Aside from the work, most of the difficulties come from your team dynamics. You would be committed to living, working, eating, sleeping, and sharing everything with a group of 8-10 people…all the time.

Your team will become your family and is what will make or break your experience within AmeriCorps. I highly suggest you put effort into your team dynamics and at a minimum always be respectful. Respect is the key to having a successful team, and furthermore, a successful year.

bee-war said: Hey Nick. How many personal days did your team end up with? I'm reading between 3 and 10 days off, perusing the Americorps website. Do you have weekends off? How did you use your personal days? Were you or your team able to visit home during your service? Thanks!

The amount of time off you have really depends on a number of things, including—most notably—the work you are doing, and your team leader. This may also help.

AmeriCorps NCCC and FEMA Corps Deployment Reports | Corporation for National and Community Service

I get a lot of questions about the types of assignments that one might be doing in FEMA Corps, so here is a list of places where members are currently serving along with a description of their assignments.

Anonymous said: hi! i applied to both FEMA and NCCC. the FEMA program says it starts in June but i got an email saying i was accepted and to start in august. does that mean ill start later than other people and be thrown into the mix afterwards? also, if i deny the FEMA program, is it likely that Ill get accepted into the NCCC (my application is still at "assessment completed"), which was my original plan? thanks. ive learned a lot from this blog already.

Unfortunately this is one of the questions that I can’t answer accurately, and is probably best answered by calling the AmeriCorps hotline (1-800-942-2677) or going to Sorry about that.

AmeriCorps NCCC: The Waiting Game

What does ‘waitlist’ really mean? Check out today’s blog post to find out! NCCC’s Assistant Director of Selection and Placement gives advice for those who have been waitlisted, and shares his personal waitlist story.

AmeriCorps NCCC: AmeriCorps NCCC and FEMA Corps: Two years, eight projects, and one life changing experience - Part 2

Wondering what program is right for you? Today is part two of our series with Brittany, who served as an NCCC corps member out of the Southern Region, and a FEMA Corps team leader with the Southwest Region.

Part 2

Anonymous said: Are there rules for what you can/can't discuss on facebook about what you're doing in FEMA corps?

Not really other than not revealing personal information about survivors or the location of FEMA JFOs (since they are not open to the public, just as any disaster or emergency command center isn’t). As a FEMA Corps Member you will go through a media training with more information on dos and don’ts.

Anonymous said: I'm kind of fat and out of shape, but really want to serve. Will I still be okay in the NCCC or FEMA Corps?

Of course, you’ll do fine. NCCC will help get you in shape.

Anonymous said: I am a high school student looking into joining either FEMA Corps or AmeriCorps during a gap year after I graduate. Do you mind explaining to me the differences between the two?

I talked about the differences here.

itisjones said: I recently was notified that my app was done being reviewed. It says I'm eligible for service. I applied for the FEMA summer 2014 class. The packet also told me I was placed in a long it will take until I know if I'm accepted? Thanks a lot!

It can take a week, or it could take a month or more. Sorry if that’s a bit general but there is no real set time it will take to get accepted or not.

Anonymous said: Hey! Just had a quick question about the typical housing situation. Are you in an apartment-style arrangement, or a barracks-style setup? Thanks in advance!

Depends on your project. It could be almost anything really.

Anonymous said: Hi, if I decide to accept the FEMA Corp offer, and then decline because of another job position, is there a penalty? Thanks!

No penalty.

AmeriCorps NCCC: AmeriCorps NCCC and FEMA Corps: Two years, eight projects, and one life-changing experience - Part 1

Wondering what program is right for you? Brittany served with both NCCC and FEMA Corps, and told us about her experiences this week. She served as an NCCC corps member out of the Southern Region, and a FEMA Corps team leader with the Southwest Region.

Interesting read from a fellow former NCCC/FEMA Corps member.

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